COVID-19 has forced us to recalibrate our lives and deal with a different world than we knew even one month ago. As we adjust to our new normal, what the heck are we supposed to do with our preschool age kids? While their school-aged counterparts are participating in Zoom classrooms and completing distance learning packets, mostly, the sub-five sect are fully reliant on their parents for their education. Since many parents are still working full-time, something has got to give. So, we’re here with some ideas for your short-attention-spanned three to five year-olds.

Note: This article is not sponsored. All suggestions are tried and true based on our experience.

Computer Programs

What’s better than free? Free content that’s created by child development experts. GoNoodle focuses on music, mindfulness, and a whole child approach. GoNoodle’s goals include physical and social-emotional wellness and academic success through games and videos.

ABCMouse specializes in an individual approach to learning. The program changes based on the needs of your child. The rich academic curriculum focuses on reading, math, science, art, and colors while adding games and songs to keep kids interested. Prizes earned on the learning path excite and motivate little learners. Parents can sign up for a free 30-day trial. Subsequent months are $9.95.

YouTube Channels

Cosmic Kids! Yoga
Cosmic Kids! Yoga is designed for kids three years and older. The videos focus on mindfulness and wellness while incorporating kid-friendly themes such as Frozen, Superheroes, and Harry Potter. Fun graphics and music add to the exciting virtual experience. Plus, there are a lot of videos to keep the kids busy for days to come.

Homeschool Pop
Though Homeschool Pop is designed for elementary school kids, the content is delivered in a way that interests younger learners. From math to reading, geography to science, Homeschool Prep delivers a diverse curriculum that can be used to supplement your at home curriculum, or become your at home curriculum—whatever works for you!

Learning Toys and Manipulatives

Create-A-Burger Sequencing Set
With a focus on sequencing and fine motor skills, the Create-A-Burger Sequencing Set has little ones build burgers based on ten picture cards.

It’s a Snap! Simple Addition Center
Manipulatives make learning effective and fun. Get a jump start on Kindergarten with this hands-on set.

A View from Around the World Set
See the world while social distancing. This viewfinder features six nations. Try building on the toy by having children to short presentations on each location.

We’ll be back with more suggestions next month. Until then, remember that kids are better behaved when they’re engaged, and keeping their little minds busy will make it easier for you to get work done (and hang on to your sanity).