There are many steps in the Home Loan process which we will outline for you below.


  1. Local Certified Loan Officer — These are Local Branches of Nationwide Lending Houses that will shop the rate for you and see what are the best financing options for you.
  2. Online Service Provider — Looking to go online to get Pre-Qualified? Check out a webiste service like LendingTree or QuickenHomeLoans.
  3. Big & Small Banks — Traditional banks like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase and others are another great resource in obtaining a loan. Remember, they are looking to sell you a loan program that they carry exclusively, but as you know – many of these banks will acknowledge your commitment to them as a patron and will intend to give you the best option they have, but sometimes — you need creative financing.
  4. Hard Money Loans — These types of loans are intended for quick and fast turn-around with higher rates than traditional loans. If you intend to flip the home, this can be a great option for you as some Hard Money Lenders will allow you to pay back the money owed after the sale of the home, but be careful as they will still want 20% – 30% down on the loan.
  5. Friends & Family – We tend to stay out of this one.


So What’s Next? Get Prequalified

Once you have decided on the source for how you are going to get your loan, you can now request that they assist you in obtaining a Pre-Qualification Letter of Pre-Qual.

Once a Pre-Qual has been approved and signed by the Lender and the individual looking to obtain the loan, you can start the Purchasing Process.

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