Summer temperatures in the valley of sun have a reputation for being high but our utility bills don’t have to. It’s easy to miss simple steps that will benefit your wallet as well as your comfort level, here are a few.

Keep your vents open and clean. By opening all the vents in your home, the air conditioner does not have to work as hard. Replace your filter every month with a clean, non-dense filter. The thicker the filter the harder your air conditioner has to work.


Circulate the cool air in your home. Small portable fans will not cool your home, but if placed near the floor, they will circulate and push the warm air up and out. And if you have a ceiling fan, turn the direction counter-clockwise. The blades were made specifically for warm and cool air.


Disable your dishwasher heating cycle and skip the dryer when doing your laundry. Both machines not only use more electricity with these steps, they also put out more heat. If you do use the cycle, try doing them in the evening when it is cooler.


Add insulation to your attic and install efficient roof fans. Installing more insulation to your attic keeps the cool air in and fans will pump the hot air out. Grease those fans.


Fill gaps with insulation. Doors, windows, faucets, ceiling lights and fans can have gaps that enable hot air to seem in and cool air to escape. Do-it-yourself foam spray is an inexpensive and easy way to save.


Save electricity by investing in energy saving bulbs and appliances. Find out if your utility service has peak and off-peak hours. Unplug electronic components when not in use. Install motion sensor lights. Keep your refrigerator full.

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Create shade. Plant trees on the south side of your home to create natural shade. If trees are not an option, purchase durable sun sails or install a lattice.


Taking small steps can greatly improve your pocketbook as well your comfort level.