How many times has this happened: You want to buy your first home and you’ve been saving for the deposit but are still short – and you don’t know how long it’ll take to save the rest. A new offering by CMG Financial now helps you crowdfund your down payment, making your home purchase a reality.

How does it work? It’s pretty simple, actually. Here are 5 easy steps:

1. Open a free user account [START HERE]

You can do this using Facebook or your email address. Linking your Facebook account to your crowdfunding account makes sense and allows for easy and seamless social sharing.

2. Get pre-qualified with CMG

Complete the online application to get your pre-qualification. This is a standard first step in the mortgage loan origination process. A pre-qualification will give you a better idea of how much you can afford, and how much you’ll need for a down payment. If you’re not comfortable doing this online, you can complete it over the phone and get all your questions answered at the same time.

3. Set-up your profile on CMG Financial’s crowdfunding platform and tell your story

One key aspect of crowdfunding is to develop a personal connections with those reading your profile. You want them to feel compelled to donate to your cause. So, how do you do that? Tell them your story. Be honest and human. People can relate. Also create a summary of your goals and publish updates to continue sharing your story. Upload images that help others understand who you are and what you want to accomplish. And feel free to even showcase your dream home. An introductory video may help more than you realize.

4. Share the link with your family, friends, etc

Social sharing is easy, especially if you integrated your account with your Facebook page. Share your campaign on social networks and through direct messaging. Connect with your friends and family.

5. Reach your goal and buy your new home

Start house hunting! Once you receive your first gift, your timeline will start and you’ll have 12 months to close on your new home. We recommend launching your campaign when you are ready to start shopping!

Receive an additional $1,500 in funds.

Here at the Budwig Team, crowdfunding for down payments is one of the many innovative real estate solutions we offer. We will work with you towards your goal and identify properties that closely match your criteria. By working together from the onset, we become an integral part of your support team, which includes your loan officer, housing counselor, appraiser, inspector and title company. It may sound like a lot but we’ll be right by your side assisting you every step of the way.

Your network of potential donors includes your parents (of course!), siblings, friends, aunts, uncles, colleagues, fellow alumni, fraternity brothers and sorority sisters – and anyone else in your inner circle. They’ll help you get there, but, most importantly, will prefer gifting you for your home rather than a material item.

And… if you complete a pre-purchase housing counseling education, you could receive up to $1,500 towards your purchase. $1,500!!!

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