It’s been a few months since you made that New Year’s resolution. How is it working out for you? If you need to spice up your workout routine, check out a few of our favorite places to get your sweat on.

1. The Madison Improvement Club

If you live in Arcadia or Tempe, this spot is probably already on your radar. They offer flow yoga classes but are famous for the Party On A Bike classes. Check one out for literally that, a party on a bike. With loud beats, awesome lighting and fun people it is a way to get your workout in without it feeling like work.

2. Sumits Yoga

With 8 locations in Arizona, there is probably one near you. Sumits yoga is a mix of vinyasa (flow) and bikram. They crank up the heat in every session but with the same routine every time, you are able to master the class after a few short visits. Besides, you live in Arizona, you can handle a little heat.

3. Orange Theory

This class is for you if you like cardio and competition. It’s a high intensity workout focused on keeping your heart rate in the zone. Using their heart rate monitor, you are able to track a target zone to increase your metabolism. Not for the faint of heart but if you are up for a challenge, it’s one of the best workouts out there.

4. The Village Health Club and Spas

The country club of health clubs, the Village offers the best of the best. They have beautiful locations in Arcadia, DC Ranch, Chandler, and Gainey Village. Each location offers a spa and salon making it a place to relax as well. Try numerous classes for adults like spin and barre. They even offer fitness camps for kids. With everything you need for your family in one place (fitness, spa, salon, restaurant and fun member events), it is easy to stay for a full day.

Now. Where to eat?

And after your workout is complete, check out one of these new healthy options to beat your burger craving.