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About Alex

With a background in purchasing and negotiations at the corporate level, Alex brings to the table a unique set of skills to help his clients achieve their goals when navigating through the challenging process of real estate transactions. Alex believes that his desire to understand his clients needs, exceed their expectations, provide outside the box alternatives and general tenacity sets his services apart from the average real estate agent. Success comes not from the sale of a home, but only from truly impressing  clients with service and earning their appreciation and continued business interests.

When you are Alex’s client, his goal is to be your one stop real estate resource, it is Alex’s job to make your life easier and get your transaction accomplished in the shortest amount of time possible, for the least amount out of pocket, ensuring top dollar goals are achieved. After living in Phoenix most of his life, Alex can assist in navigating through the cumbersome transaction process as well as through Phoenix’s surrounding cities, highlighting the variations and nuances that may best suit your family’s needs.

Having a family of his own, Alex understands what is on the line. A home is more than an investment, it is where you place roots and create lifelong memories. Any hiccups in the process can lead to very challenging consequences. Alex looks after each transaction as if it’s his own family, after all, it is that type of lifelong relationship that makes this business all that it can and should be. This is real estate, while homes are what is being bought and sold, it is people, their lives and livelihoods that Realtors are entrusted with. When you choose to work with Alex, he will provide this sense of duty to ensure your goals become your reality.

Languages: English, Spanish

"Alex provided excellent guidance and updates and truly took the time to explain options and answer any questions, day or night."

– Mike Cruickshank

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Why clients enjoy working with Alex


Having grown up in various parts of the valley and having his Real Estate license since 2003, Alex has gotten to know the ins and outs of all things Arizona. Having an agent who not only is versed in Real Estate business and acumen but also has a deep connection to the area can be of vital importance, if not for the sake of the "deal",then for the sake of the buyers or sellers themselves. Having a finger on the pulse of changing demographics or upcoming changes to infrastructure can end up making a HUGE difference in someones bottom line, Alex knows the communities he serves, he continues to seek out information and utilizes that information to empower his clients. Alex has never lost a deal and believes in respecting all parties which inevitably creates solid, lasting, business relationships.


Buying and/or selling a home is a challenging and often overwhelming process for many. Having a Realtor who stands by you and keeps you informed can not only save money and ensure you are protected, but also goes a long way just for simple peace of mind. How many people do we deal with in our lives that seem unable to answer a phone call, text message or email promptly? That has no place in the Real Estate industry! Once you are Alex's client, he will always be a phone call or text message away. Alex will keep you up to date on what is being done and needs to be done according to the contractual standards. Alex will provide you with all necessary documentation in a timely manner and ensure all processes are kept in line and up to date.

White Glove Standard of Care

When you are dealing with the single largest transaction, potentially of your life, what will your expectations be of those you choose to deal with? When you choose Alex, he will promise to make your priorities his priorities. Alex will not leave you to fend for yourself through the various obstacles that may await the next turn, the real estate transaction process is a complicated journey and Alex takes great care and pride in guiding his clients through the process to the finish line. Whether it is being on site for inspections, assisting in the staging process or walking his clients through the final funding and closing documentation, Alex will be by his clients side so long as they require. And even thereafter, Alex continues to be a resource for all things real estate. Most of Alex's clients continue to benefit from his knowledge of the valley and the associations, friendships and contacts he has developed.


The Real Estate transaction process is the culmination of negotiations between two parties ending in agreement. During this time, there are troves of information traded back and forth with emotions running high and peoples money at stake. Alex treats every transaction as if it were his own. He will look out for your best interests, ensure that you are protected and do his very best to achieve your common goals which are, getting you top dollar for your home in the least possible amount of time for the most money possible. Alex will make your transaction as effortless as possible. He will not ever tell his clients what to do, Alex will however suggest various options that each has its own merits and will discuss in detail with abundant information why any specific option makes sense. In the end, it is his clients that will choose the direction with Alex to drive forward the initiative. Alex has never lost a deal and has a great track record of selling homes at top dollar within weeks of hitting the market.

World Class Marketing

Among his stronger points, marketing is near the top for Alex. The advertising and promotional material used is always top notch whether it's the photography, printing or signage. Being technology driven, Alex utilizes various resources to advertise homes for sale as well as to find potential homes for his buyer clients. Many agents simply stick to the good ol' MLS, which of course is a powerful tool, however when this is combined with current social media sites, web based sales platforms, viral marketing, print media, etc., an enormous amount of traffic can be driven. Alex utilizes various approaches to ensure expectations are not simply met but exceeded and a strong marketing program is a very significant part of the package.


Alex often thinks outside the box. After a few conversations with him. you'll be able to tell he like to think differently. That may be doing viral marketing, open houses on weekdays or could be fresh baked cookies in your home during a showing. Alex likes to use all the tricks of the trade to help your home stand out from the rest and be top of mind. Alex will often make suggestions he thinks will assist buyers and sellers achieve their goals such as writing personal bios or telling a seller what a potential buyer loves about their home. This is a business that often crosses the lines into being very personal. Alex is very understanding of this fact and utilizes his creativity to ensure the best possible outcome while providing a stress free and well executed plan for his clients that achieve results.



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